Cat Diet

Cats are carnivores and do respond best to special diets. The correct cat diet may even help avoid urinary tract conditions, which cats are prone to.

Cats also take a toll on our wildlife. Even the most ‘angelic’ cat may be wreaking havoc in your backyard!

Nutrition plays an important part in the health and well being of your cat. A correctly balanced diet will help to ensure your cat has the best in life including good vision, a healthy coat, ideal weight, plenty of energy and good health.

Cat Diet

Cats of different ages have different nutritional needs, for example kittens and our senior citizens have very specific nutritional needs.

We have many high quality diets at Australind Vet Hospital, to ensure that whatever your cat’s age or physical condition, he or she will be getting the best possible nutrition.

Hills Kitten Cute kittens need the correct food to Hills - Science Diet Products Packshotsmake them grow and flourish.

Remember cats of different ages need different diets. Ask Australind Vet Hospital about a cat diet that suits your cat.