It is best if you can keep your cat indoors -cat enclosures are a perfect option.

They are perfect indoor pets. However, this may not always be practical. It is possible to build cat runs or cat enclosure. This is the way of the future.

Secure a cat balcony cat enclosure Secure a Cat Cube
Catmax Caboodles
– clark enclosure
Secure a Kat
– mini
– balcony
Secure a Kat
– mini

Cat enclosures also protect your cat from fighting and motor vehicle injuries. Cats really seem to prefer their own company most of the time, and can create nasty infections in other cats who invade their personal space! If your cat seems unusually quiet, off food and generally unhappy, it may be that they have been fighting and have a grumbling infection as a result.

Aside from protecting cats from other cats, cat enclosures can also protect our beloved pets from those unfortunate people in the community that do not like cats and poison them or are cruel to them by hitting or shooting them.

Cat enclosures can prevent many problems and also help prevent disease transmission.

Secure a kat whole garden
– patio enclosure
Secure a Kat
– whole backyard

Secure a Kat and Catmax are 2 Australian manufacturers of cat runs and
cat enclosure. They make a wide range of enclosures to suit your budget and needs.
Check out their websites or drop in to the Australind Vet Clinic for a brochure.

www.secureakat.com.au and www.catmax.com.au