Flea Control

Part of a dog’s life is dealing with fleas. It takes only one flea to make your dog itchy. Unfortunately 90% of dogs have a flea allergy. There are some excellent products for flea control now such as Advantage and Revolution.

These products are best used as an ongoing programme, rather than an on/off treatment. Like heartworm medications, they are designed to be applied promptly on the due date.

After a few months of using a flea spot-on, you will notice there is no longer a single flea on your dog. This is because her bedding, the lounge, and the rest of her environment have also have been cleared of fleas. The environmental flea load will be very small, and there will be no ‘newcomers’ jumping up on your dog.

Please note! Washing your dog may make him or her clean and more comfortable, but soon the fleas will jump back on. Washing is not flea control, and should not be treated as such. Remember fleas live in the dogs bed and surrounding areas, washing the dog’s bedding, your bedding and vacuuming the house is also essential.

Flea Control

photos from Pfizer Animal Health