Toilet Training

You must be patient with your puppy when toilet training. It does take time for them to learn to do the right thing. Remember, they are like a human infant. You must not rub your dog’s face in any little accidents. This is negative reinforcement.

Remember, a dog will do anything for food. We can exploit this little weakness of theirs by giving them a treat when they do what we want of them. This is a positive reinforcement and much more likely to be successful.

Your puppy is likely to urinate and defecate after eating and after a little sleep. After your puppy eats or after they wake up from a sleep, take them out into the yard. When they go to the toilet, mark the spot. Give the pup a treat and go back inside.

Pups urinate frequently so after an hour go back out into the yard to the spot you marked. If the pup goes to the toilet, give it another treat. If not, go back inside and come back out in 30 minutes. Keep repeating this step until your puppy learns that it will get a treat if it goes to the toilet outside. Do not give it a treat unless it performs the task you want it: goes to the toilet.

Puppy PhotoPuppy