Artificial Legs and Braces For Dogs Alternative To Surgery And Chemotherapy

With advances in artificial limb technology, people are able to choose alternatives to surgery that can actually be beneficial to their pet. Leg braces ( orthotics ) and artificial legs ( prosthetics ) are now available as cutting edge veterinary solutions for your pets.

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Australind Veterinary Hospital is a referral centre in Western Australia for canine orthotics and prosthetics V-OP. We can assess your pet’s injuries or cancer to see whether there is an alternative solution to surgery or chemotherapy for your pet.

Dr Rob Hill has a special interest in this rapidly growing field. The world of veterinary science has never offered so many possibilities. At Australind Veterinary Hospital, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of advances in the veterinary profession. Dr Rob Hill attended a workshop at the AVA ( Australian Veterinary Association ) annual conference in 2014. An American specialist in veterinary orthotics and prosthetics gave informative lectures and workshops to Australian delegates.

Dr Rob Hill can assess your pet’s suitability for an orthotic brace or prosthetic limb and perform the necessary casting to create the V-OP device. The device is custom built and will be shipped directly to your door. We can assist with fitting and any queries you may have.

Dr Rob Hill has formed a working relationship with an animal Physiotherapist to assist in getting your custom built V-OP device made to fit and to assist with any rehabilitation required.

Canine cruciate disease is a frustrating problem. There are many different surgical procedures that offer differing success rates and financial costs. Unfortunately not all canine cruciate surgeries go well. Complications arise from the frustration of the anatomy of the canine stifle (knee) as well as the high activity of dog’s and the challenges in keeping them quiet post operatively. The dog’s stifle is very unstable which is why it is designed to fail in the first instance. Hyperactivity post op can also cause surgical failure.

A stifle brace can be used as an alternative to surgery or as a support for surgery post op to improve surgical outcomes and assist with rehabilitation post operatively.

Another challenging and common injury in the dog is hyperextension of the carpus. When an animal jumps off something high or puts the carpus (wrist) through extreme forces whilst running and changing direction, sometime the carpus can extend too far damaging or completely tearing the ligaments. This is an orthopaedic disaster for the carpus. Until recently, surgery was the only option. An expensive and painful surgery fraught with complications to fuse the carpus with a bone plate had been the solution. Whilst this is sometimes still necessary, an orthotic brace is now a genuine alternative for this injury.

Veterinary prosthetics are also becoming more sophisticated with this technology developing rapidly. Artificial limbs for dogs, cats and other pets are now a reality.

Soft tissue sarcoma’s of the distal limb in dogs are a frustrating condition to treat. Surgery is often not curative as the cancer grows back. Wounds often cannot be closed due to large skin margins being taken during surgery. The pet has a large wound that can take months to heal with all the frustration and costs of weeks or months of bandaging only for the tumor to regrow. Chemotherapy is not always successful and can cause a lot of complications due to the cytotoxic nature of these drugs. A prosthetic solution may be available for your dog or pet with soft tissue sarcoma’s or other cancers of the leg.

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