August Was Miracle Month

First we turned Otis into a puppy again after curing his crippling pain with stem cell therapy.

Then we saved Gypsy from certain death.

12 months ago, Gypsy was hit by a car. Incredibly, she had no symptoms of a problem until a few weeks ago when she started to lose weight. She became very jaundiced and her mucous membranes were as yellow as a canary. She was vomiting and it seemed she had gone into liver failure. It was a grave prognosis indeed.

Gypsy’s owners just wanted to know whether we could do anything.

Some routine tests showed that Gypsy had sustained a rupture in her diaphragm and that her liver and stomach were actually in her chest. The liver had undergone a torsion (twist) blocking her bile duct from her gall bladder.

Dr Rob undertook a painstaking 4 hour operation to gently unravel all the adhesions in the liver and chest and heart and lungs and to slowly return all the abdominal organs to the abdomen. Super nurse Amanda had to breath for Gypsy for 4 hours whilst Dr Rob performed the surgery. The lungs collapse when the chest is open so artificial ventilation is required. This painstaking process was performed diligently by super nurse Amanda.

Gypsy after her 4 hour surgery for a diaphragmatic hernia where her liver and stomach had herniated through the diaphragm and into the chest

That Gypsy even survived the surgery was a miracle.

The immediate post operative period looked pretty grim. We thought we were going to lose her which was devastating after such a long operation and devastating for her loving owners. We stayed wih her through the night to give her supportive critical care treatment.

Gypsy made it through the first night but remained in a critical state. We were still worried we would lose her but her loving owners were determined to give her every chance.

After two days she was looking a bit brighter and she began to eat a little bit of food

Gypsy gets a visit

Gypsy got bettter and better and began a new love affair with chicken to our great delight. Gypsy made a remarkable recovery

A miracle!

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