Australia’s Most Famous Cat Is Oliver From Australind Vet

Who is the most famous cat in Australia? Australia’s most famous cat is Oliver of Australind Vet. Oliver recently won a national competition to be crowned Australia’s number one cat. Our feline ginger tabby is numero uno. Here’s a picture

Oliver is Australia's Number One Cat

Australia’s Most Famous Cat

Oliver has recently started his own facebook page to celebrate feline’s of the world and all red head nostalgia. Oliver loves a ginger and we do too. Here is a link to Australia’s most famous cat’s Facebook page

Oliver was voted number one following his successful entry into the Dermcare clinic cat of the year competition

Oliver jumped to feline stardom on the back of his very popular Youtube videos. Oliver is our ginger rock star. Check out his rock videos. Oliver is perhaps the coolest cat ever? Oliver stars in “Pretty Fly For a Red Guy”

Oliver also did a famous cat parody of Uptown Funk called Uptown Funky Cat

As a ginger rock and roll star with serious sex appeal, Oliver also starred in another feline parody of “I’m Too Sexy”

As you can see from the video’s we really love our cat. Oliver is now Australia’s most famous cat.

Follow Oliver on Facebook

Oliver's Facebook Page

Oliver’s Facebook Page

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