Australind Vet Delivers in Time of Need

Zeus was feeling a little unwell. His owners had noticed his tummy was looking much bigger than normal.

Dr Rob was very worried when he saw Zeus. This did not look good.

X-rays were taken and we discovered that Zeus had a twisted stomach. Dr Rob had to give the owners this sad news. This condition is frequently fatal.

Zeus needed emergency surgery immediately.

The owners of Zeus wanted a happy outcome for Zeus and hoped for the best. Dr Rob performed immediate emergency surgery to untwist his stomach and perform a belt loop gastropexy to prevent this happening again.

The surgery went extremely well and Zeus was on the road to recovery quickly

Zeus immediately after his emergency surgery to correct a gastric torsion

Zeus had his guardian angel looking over him.

Zeus with super Ted


Zeus had a remarkable recovery and was able to go home. The Australind Vet Hospital was delighted to provide the service required to get Zeus back to health. It is a great time to see a happy pet united with their happy owners. We wish Zeus well.

Zeus at discharge

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