Ben and Crinkle from Australind Veterinary Hospital Enter

Ben and Crinkle are the mascots of Australind Veterinary Hospital. They started as animal statues on the front verandah at the vet hospital in Australind. They became landmarks of Bunbury where most people of the greater Bunbury region recognised the animals as a symbol of Australind Veterinary Hospital.

Ben and Crinkle then became characters in Smile-A-Lot Books. The mission of Smile-A-Lot books is to empower children to make the right choices in life. The animals of Smile-A-Lot books are the vehicles of the empowering messages of the books.

Smile-A-Lot books are for children aged 4-7 years of age. The books encourage positive thinking, and are intended to prevent the formation of limiting beliefs.

Dr Rob Hill has a big vision to develop educational products for children that will build emotional intelligence, positivity, mental tenacity and help the young mind learn to focus on solutions rather than problems. Having a big vision is one thing but getting such a massive task off the ground takes a lot of effort, plenty of work, a lot of time and potentially capital, a trace of luck and building a chain of connections that can assist in start up, marketing, distribution channels and support networks.

Dr Rob has joined a global community who have started a positive campaign to select six people in the entire world for a two week bootcamp in Fiji. The six people will be people who have a big vision to make a positive impact on the world.

Dr Rob has taken Ben and Crinkle and tasked them with driving the vision of Smile-A-Lot books in an effort to be one of the winners of run by Mark Bowness, a life change catalyst who set up this global community.

Ben and Crinkle are the stars of these fun videos. Please share them with your friends

Video 1. Ben and Crinkle introduce their vision :

video 2. Ben and Crinkle Discuss the Power of One :

video 3 : Ben and Crinkle in the Law of Attraction

video 4. Ben and Crinkle in The Only Failure is the Failure to Participate

video 5. Ben and Crinkle interview with Oprah

Please share these videos with your friends and help drive positive change in the world.


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