Bunbury Vet Kylie “The Professor” McLaren From Australind Veterinary Hospital Is One Of The Great Vets In Bunbury

The staff of Australind Vet are constantly amazed at the quality of Dr Kylie’s work. It is rare in the veterinary surgeon of the 21st century to see such an incredible work ethic and the sheer passion she has for the profession. If there is a challenging case, Dr Kylie is sure to find the clue that will unravel the mystery. Our practice is equipped with all the latest diagnostic technologies and Dr Kylie is in her element with the toys of the profession and she lives for solving a difficult case. When Dr Kylie arrived at our humble practice of honest and earnest toil, it wasn’t long before she was tagged with her new nick name “The Professor”. Dr Rob was so impressed with her hard work, excellent skills and computer-like brain power that we just had to talk her into a full time position. Dr Kylie is a very modest and humble achiever. The skills she has would make her a very large fortune in a human medical field. Vets do not make a great living, despite what the general public perceives. The long and arduous hours take a huge personal toll on a vet’s emotional well being and places enormous burdens on family life. Dr Kylie is luckily married to one of the great men of our time, her loving husband Tony. If you need a vet in Bunbury, come and see Dr Kylie at Australind Vet. “The Professor” just seems to know everything……..from clinical diagnostics, to ultrasound, to radiology, to surgery, to pathology and looking at blood results………”The Professor” just knows what she is looking for and no stone is left unturned on the road to the correct diagnosis. It is amazing to watch her work. To her veterinary colleagues, Dr Kylie is an inspiration and a marvel.


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