Canine Orthotics And Prosthetics Now Available At Australind Veterinary Hospital

Dr Rob went to a workshop with one of the world’s industry leaders in canine orthotics and prosthetics. These devices can be used in many situations as suppprt for post operative treatment and for rehabilitation following serious injury. In some cases they can be substituted for surgery. It is even possible now to have a prosthetic limb as a replacement leg following amputation for terrible diseases like cancer.

Artificial limbs in dogs has been something that Dr Rob Hill has been very excited about for a very long time. Dr Rob has waited anxiously for this day to come and is very excited about being involved in giving animals magic legs!!

There are many “off the shelf” prosthetics available these days but they are not designed for the angular nature of dogs legs. Poor fitting prosthetics will not work since they won’t support the injured site. Poor fitting prosthetics will also cause painful rubbing and pressure sores.

The best prosthetics are custom made for the individual’s leg. This can be done now at Australind vet your vet in Bunbury for innovation.

Limb replacement with a prosthetic is challenging for a dog. They do have to learn to tolerate it and they even need to learn how to walk all over again. This can take several months. It also requires lots of physiotherapy and rehabilitation with many exercises that are required to assist return to function.

Australind Vet now has options for crippling injuries like carpal hyperextension, elbow disease, dislocations of the tarsus, achilles tendon injuries, and stifle injuries such as cranial cruciate ruptures in the dog.

I was amazed to see photos of dogs running and swimming with these devices on. This is an exciting technology. We are learning as much as we can about this exciting field and hope to be industry leaders in this field in Western Australia.

Orthotic support for the canine stifle

Orthotic support for the canine stifle

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