Cat Abscess From a Cat Bite

Cats are very territorial and fight a lot.

cats have very sharp teeth and claws that can punctue skin. Breaking the skin can introduce bacteria into the tissues. The body mounts an inflammatory reaction and often this turns into a build up of pus that we call an abscess.

A cat bite abscess will need to be drained surgically under general anaesthesia.

The abscess is lanced and drained. The wound is lavaged with copious sterile fluids ander pressure to remove the pus, bacteria and inflammatory exudates.

The wound is then usually debrided. We like to perform a partial closure of the skin to increase the speed of healing but the wound cannot be fully closed or it will become infected. Drainage of the abscess post operatively is crucial for healing. We like the wounds to heal from the inside out.

pus draining from a cat abscess

pus draining from a cat abscess



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