Comparing Medical Services

Two clients of mine were unable to walk on their leg.

The first client phoned her GP and had to wait two days for an appointment. My client waited for an hour in the waiting room. The doctor wasn’t able to make a diagnosis so they referred my client to a specialist. My client then had to wait three months for an appointment with a specialist. The specialist sent my client to another facility for x-rays. My client then had to make another appointment two weeks later to see the specialist again. The specialist decided surgery was required and my client went onto a six month waiting list. My client had to go to another doctor for a pre anaesthetic physical exam and blood tests.

The second client was seen within five minutes of waiting. A diagnosis was made. A pre anaesthetic blood test and urinalysis was done in the same facility within 10 minutes. X-rays were taken within the hour. This client had surgery immediately an hour after being examined. The client was diagnosed, fixed and discharged the same day. All medicines were prescribed at the time of discharge and there was no need to collect a script from a pharmacy.

The first client was a good friend of mine who had been through the human medical service. The second client was a Labrador at Australind Veterinary Hospital.

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