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Here are some 2014 archived newsletters for you to enjoy.

June 2014 Newsletter

 June Newsletter Australind Vet

Wow! Winter is here and the cold has swept in, we are still full of smiles here at Australind Vet and have made a smile box for you to see some of the things that happened in May.

Who can resist the cute smile of Chewbacca our pet of the month?
Did you know Canine Orthotics and Prosthetics are now available at Australind Veterinary Hospital? Read on to find out more about them.

Read on, Dr Rob has been very busy after getting back from the Orthotics workshop he was then out and about again visiting Bunbury Library with some friends. See who!

May 2014 NewsletterMay Newsletter Australind Vet

April was jam packed with smiling faces and happy times; see our smile box to check out some great photos.

Pet of the month is a real survivor, a cute little female joey who was rescued at birth, see how she is doing 9 months on.

With things getting tougher and money in shorter supply, we know one of the hardest things for people to do is to pay for a vet consultation. How would you like UNLIMITED FREE Consultations? Read on . . .

The links between pet ownership and happiness have been well documents but how does this happen and what are the benefits? Find out more. . .

April 2014 Newsletter

Happy Easter new vet job swap happiness training we are bursting come and seeHappy Easter. We have lots of school holidays and Easter fun for you, so hop on down and see what we are up too.

Girl power has taken over Australind Vet, Bunbury’s Award winning vet. Have you met Dr Pippa yet?

We had a job swap with Dillo from Spirit Radio this month. Read on to see Our award winning receptionist Josie become a radio announcer, see the fun! 

March 2014 Newsletter

Sore knee, new flea treatment and lots of smiles, read on

Our Pet of the Month is Tommy, for a young dog he had a painful condition; fortunately Dr Rob was able to help.

New Spot on Flea treatment is now available with no known resistance. Read more about Activyl.

Smile-A-Lot books are now available at Australind vet. A new series of children are designed for 4 – 7 year old is now available. Smile-A-Lot books provide a positive, happy messages for them to enjoy, find out more .

Lisa Blakeney is seriously ill and needs an operation in America, so we held a fund raiser for her last week. Thank you to everyone who donated, every dollar counts.

Read the full newsletter by clicking this link.

February 2014 Newsletter

Snakes, smiles and children's book what a month at Australind Vet, Bunbury's best vet.January was a huge month for us here at Australind Vet. We made you a smilebox video to showcase some of the great moments.

Our Pet Survivor was Buddy, thanks to the generosity of the Bunbury Community. Buddy is doing well.

Have you met Crinkles our mascot yet?
Here he is having fun after a recent checkup.

Smile-A-Lot Books are coming, read on to find out more.

January 2014 Newsletter

Free holiday fun, weight loss and walking club. Pet News from Bunbury's best vet. Australind Vet

Pet of the Month was Sally; she has started the year with fabulous progress. Just 5 months ago, she was weighing in at a whopping 49.5kg!

January was our FREE holiday fun activities at Australind Vet.
Pony rides then Snag Golf and much more. Best of all, it was FREE see the full program.

Why is my pet chasing his tail? See Our Ask Australind Vet Section.

See our fun Santa Photos we took in December. January was lots of fun read on to see what went on.

2013 Newsletter

To all our 2013 newsletter archives, follow this link.

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