Corky Struts His Stuff After Successful Stem Cell Treatment at Australind Vet

Corky was absolutely crippled with osteoarthritis in his right knee. When he was a wee pup, he had surgery for a luxating patella (dislocating knee cap). Several years later he was having trouble again with this stifle after he damaged the cranial cruciate ligament inside his knee. This is a common injury in the dog however Corky had also damaged a meniscus. His meniscal injury was very severe and resulted in a total meniscectomy which is necessary but the vital cushion and stabiliser for the knee is removed. This leads to severe osteoarthritis. Corky was in terrible discomfort and Dr Rob performed a stem cell treatment on Corky’s stifle. 5 days later, Corky was like a pup again. His owner is absolutely delighted and Corky is now pain free and strutting like a pup all over again.

Corky Pain Free After Stem Cell Therapy At Australind Vet

Call Australind Veterinary Hospital for revolutionary medivet stem cell treatments for the crippling pain of osteoarthritis. Australind vet is your Bunbury vet for stem cell therapy.

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