Puppies, your baby dog may have recently been weaned from an all milk diet when you first take them home. Sudden changes in diet will cause diarrhoea. Ask the pet shop or breeder what the puppy was eating before you acquired your new pup. Start on this diet and you can gradually add new food to the diet over a week.

Hills Puppy

Nutrition plays an important part in the health and wellbeing of your
puppy and all dogs. A correctly balanced diet will help to ensure your
puppy and dog have the best in life; including good vision, a healthy coat,
ideal weight, plenty of energy and good health.

We recommend a dedicated ‘Puppy Food’ variety because this has all the vitamins and minerals your puppy will need in the right proportions. Your puppies should be fed 4 times daily until they are 4 months of age. Then you can cut down to twice daily feedings until 6 months of age.

Once your dog has stopped growing around 6 months of age, you should cut down to 1 meal daily. Toy size dogs may prefer to stick with a twice-daily feeding.

For the giant breeds we recommend special puppy food for giant breeds.
These dogs can develop problems with their bones and joints, and special foods can help with these breed-specific dietary issues.