In Australia there is a nasty parasite called heartworm. Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes. This is a worm that lives in the heart of dogs causing irreversible damage to the heart and lungs and is fatal if not treated.

Prevention is much better than cure.

The Bunbury area is in the southern range for heartworm, which is statistically safer than more northerly areas such as Geraldton and Perth. However although the disease is not common here we do recommend year round prevention. We have a very large mosquito population with the estuary and river systems so heartworm can be present in this region – and, of course, many dogs travel or mix with other travelling dogs.

There are many good preventative treatments for Heartworm:
Revolution is a monthly spot-on which also treats fleas and mites.

Heartguard is a monthly chewable which the dog eats.

There is also a yearly injection which we can synchronise with the dog’s annual vaccination. We can’t start this until the dog is fully grown however, so until that time protection is through spot on or chewable.

Heartworm protection must be applied promptly for reliable protection.

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Heartworm Lifecycle

photos from Pfizer Animal Health