Dr Rob Completes 2 Day Course at Murdoch University on Emergency Medicine

As an ongoing dedication to our valued clients, we feel it is vital we spend a lot of time training and retraining. These courses are expensive but are vital in order to provide our clients and their beloved pets with up to date and state of the art procedures and protocols. Dr Rob takes continuing professional development seriously. We put in the hours so that you can rely on us when you are in need.

Dr Rob recently completed two days of training in emergency and critical care. The two day workshop was focused on toxicology, trauma patients, brain injuries, fluid therapy resuscitation and critical care procedures. The group was drilled on emergency techniques and the latest in medicine for the emergency patient.

Murdoch Intern Dr Jess Marmor, Critical Care Specialist Dr Mark Haworth with Dr Rob

It was a very demanding 2 days with lots of new theory to learn

Dr Rob gets schooled on acid-base balance, fluid therapy and electrolytes for critically ill animals by lecturer and critical care specialist at Murdoch University Dr Lisa Smart



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