Elbow Disease in the Dog and Canine Orthotics

Disease of the elbow is very common in dogs. The canine elbow bears approximately 55% of the bodyweight, yet the musculature is much weaker than the hind limbs. The elbow and also the carpus take a pounding over the years just from normal gait function, however when athletic actions such as running, twisting, turning and jumping are factored into the equation, it is little wonder we so much elbow disease.

The elbow is an articulating joint with a very complex interraction between the humerus, the radius and the ulna. Any dysfunction, assymetry of muscle through injury, arthritis or genetic disease will cause severe and chronic pain.

Help is at hand. The canine elbow is not an easy joint to fix surgically. Orthotic braces are now available to help carry the load, reduce pain and increase function for animals with elbow disease or injuries.

Australind Vet is your vet in Bunbury for assistance if you need canine orthotics or prosthetics.

We are a Bunbury vet that can assist you with V-OP for your pet – veterinary orthotics and prosthetics for pets.

Elbow orthotic for dogs

Elbow orthotic for dogs

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