Emmy Survives Lithium Battery Scare

Dog owners in Bunbury should be aware of the risks of the small lithium batteries that are present in so many of our modern electronics. The batteries can be deadly and at best can cause terrible burning and ulceration of tissue such as the stomach or oesophagus.

Saliva seems to activate an electric current in the battery. This can cause burning of tissues and perforation of the stomach and intestine causing fatal bleeding or peritonitis or even severe damage to other internal organs.

Symptoms include depression, vomiting, loss of appetite or vomiting blood.

Ingestion of lithium batteries can be fatal within hours.

Care with your canines and children around these batteries is critical. Please educate your children of the dangers. Never put them in your mouth!

Here is Emmy with some very relieved children at Australind Vet.

Emmy after lithium battery scare

Emmy after lithium battery scare

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