Feline Medicine and Surgery Conference

Dr Rob recently attended the feline medicine and surgery conference at Sydney University. The week long conference had many international speakers. The lectures included many topics over the week but some of the huge advances have been made by Dr Gary Norsworthy from specialist feline practice in the United Sates http://www.alamofeline.com

Dr Gary Norsworthy shares his wisdom and medical advances with Dr Rob

Dr Norsworthy has worked as a specialist feline vet for over 40 years. He writes the text books that other vets read. He is an industry leader in feline medicine and surgery and Dr Rob was lucky enough to spend some time with him talking about many feline health issues such as chronic renal disease, chronic vomiting in cats, feline surgery, feline urological syndrome to name a few. There have been huge advances in feline medicine. We can bring these to you in Australind

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