The Smile-A-Lot books – positive children’s books.

Smile A Lot Book Series

Here is some great videos to look at and learn more about The Smile-A-Lot books.

Happy Song by Smile-a-lot books

The Happy Song from Smile-A-Lot books.

Enjoy a happy song by the characters of The Smile-A-Lot books.

Happy Lama see where he lives

The Happy Llama

Go on an on an amazing journey with The Happy Llama of Smile-A-Lot
to learn about happiness or perhaps just to make some friends.

Global Launch Smile A Lot Books

See the launch of The Smile-A-Lot books

Children’s books for the betterment of humanity.These books develop positive self identity and positive belief systems. By developing gratitude and the discipline of positive affirmations, children learn to view the world through a positive lens. A feeling of positivity and wellbeing helps children overcome challenges in life.
The original Happiness Centre is Australind Veterinary Hospital.

Inspirational video by Smile A Lot Books for the betterment of humanity

Inspirational video by Smile-A-Lot books for the betterment of humanity.

 Australind Veterinary Hospital is The original Happiness Centre

The Smile-A-Lot books –
Children’s books for the betterment of humanity.

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