George’s Snake Tale

George had his own miracle following a rapid progression of unusual symptoms that proved to be a snake envenomation. With the hint of spring in the air, George was happily playing in the park when he went to investigate a rustle in the bush that edges his tennis ball chasing arena of excellence. Shortly afterwards he was collapsing and his loving owner became very worried. George’s mum knew which Bunbury vet to rush him to. George was rushed to Australind Vet and after a long night in intensive care with Dr Rob by his side, George was reunited with his very relieved mum. It was a pleasure to save him and we all celebrated together.

Snakes are out again in Bunbury. Snake bite symptoms include weakness, staggering, dilated pupils, salivation, tremor, falling over, difficulty breathing, inability to stand or walk. There is often a slow development of all of these symptoms and for a happy treatment outcome it is vital your pet is rushed to a vet quickly for immediate treatment. Time is critical for avoiding some other nasty complications of snake envenomation such as respiratory paralysis and uncontrollable bleeding and DIC.

Snake season is upon us again. Be careful when walking your dog along estuary or river trails, in the sand dunes or the local bush. Tiger snakes and dugites are the main snakes in the Australind and Leschenault region. Both are deadly to dogs and treatment must be started immediately if you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake.

George reunited with his loving mum after a snake bite scare

George reunited with his loving mum after a snake bite scare



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