Girl Power Dominates At Australind Vet

Girl Power

Girl Power

The boys have been cast aside by GIRL POWER at Australind Vet. The very lovely Dr Pippa who recently qualified from Murdoch University has joined our other wonder women. Dr Pippa aspires to become a specialist surgeon and aims to sit memberships with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in surgery. We aim to assist her with her dream.

Dr Elyece has developed a passion in ophthalmology and will be devoting herself to a year -long professional development course with Sydney University in 2015.

Kylie “The Professor” McLaren is so smart it is hard to find anything she doesn’t know but she has developed a passion in sonography and plans to do advanced training in this area.

Dr Adorable has developed a keen interest in animal behaviour. We plan to expand this area of our service to help you with all those troublesome behavioural issues that nobody but Dr Harry seems to be able to fix……….until Dr Torben who has the patience of a saint.

This incredible pool of talent sure keeps Dr Rob on his toes. Dr Rob is active in professional development  in surgery, medicine and dermatology and is an accredited member of the Australian Veterinary Association.



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