Happiness Training With Ben and Crinkle At Australind Vet

Our belief systems are heavily influenced between the ages of 4 and 7 years of age. We tend to view the world the way our parents, teachers and peers teach us to see and interpret what happens around us. For some people a rainy day is a great opportunity to play in puddles whereas other people see a rainy day as gloomy. Our peceptions of life and events tends to shape our level of optimism and inner happiness. Happiness and a purpose in life create a sense of wellbeing. Watch this video on happiness and wellbeing

Our experience of life is influenced by the way in which we view the world. This has everything to do with perception and mindset. We form a lens through which we view life and if we have a positive lens, we can change the outcomes of our lives. Smile A Lot Children’s Books are full of positive and powerful affirmations that empower children to make the right choices in life. These books reframe obstacles as challenges, failures as learnings and develop emotional intelligence through the enchanting magnetism of the human animal bond of the animals of our very own Happiness Centre. Come and join us as one of our happy nurses reads your children our stories with Ben and Crinkle. Happiness Training is on Tuesday’s at 4PM at Australind Veterinary Hospital

Learning the secrets of happiness, emotional intelligence and wellbeing

Learning the secrets of happiness, emotional intelligence and wellbeing

Learn more about Smile-a-lot books here 

Every week we will have one of our happy nurses or a special guest reading one of our books. Join Ben and Crinkle for happiness training at Australind Vet. Phone us on 97971584 for details

Crinkle with the children

Join Crinkle the cat for lot’s of fun reading Smile-A-Lot Books



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