Healthy Pet Weight Management Clinic At Australind Vet

Healthy Pets are happy pets. Pets and especially dogs just love their food.

Dr Rob understands and we are very sympathetic to your pet’s needs should they be over loved. It sure is hard to resist their pleading eyes. You must! You can’t love your pet too much but you can feed your pet too much. Just the right amount of food will help your pet live longer and be happier.

You have to do it for them to keep them well. A normal weight means they are healthier, happier and more active. Your pet will lead a longer happier life and be active well into their golden years.

You can visit us for FREE and weigh your pet. We are only too happy to give you some free advice regarding your pet’s dietary requirements. We offer a FREE weight management clinic for pets.

We will give you a target weight to get on the right track. We would suggest you come in every two weeks and weigh your pet. We also stock diets to help your pet maintain a healthy weight.

Why don’t you also join our walkers club and come and make some friends and meet our friendly staff. We are the only vet in Bunbury that offers a dog walking club! We love our clients. Come and join our club and stay fit and healthy yourself. Bring your pet and enjoy the benefits of the human animal bond as you stroll along the glorious foreshore of the Leschenault estuary.

We would love to help your pet stay healthy at Australind Vet. Come and join our dog walking club. It’s FREE.

Healthy fun

Healthy fun

New friends

New friends

Sunsets, views and fun - great health benefits for all

Sunsets, views and fun – great health benefits for all

If you need a Bunbury vet that cares about you and your pet and offers more than a traditional veterinary service, Australind Veterinary Hospital is for you. We offer fun and friendship as well as pet wellness.

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