I Was Bitten By A Snake

I was bitten by a snake. Hi I’m Oliver the cat and I was bitten by a tiger snake. I wanted to share my survival story to let you know why I should be the winner of the Dermcare Clinic Cat of the Year for 2016.

You can vote for Oliver here http://dermcare.com.au/Dermcare-Clinic-Cat-of-the-Year/2016/Oliver-1

Here is my survival story.

I was much younger when the serpent struck. I was inspecting the long grass along the estuary forefront at the back of the Australind Veterinary Hospital. It is beautiful at the back of The Happiness Centre.

It was a warm spring morning. The sun was shining. There was a hint of summer in the sharp morning heat. The days were longer. The long cold winter was definitely over. The birds and the insect were out and it was a cat’s joy.

There were so many things to observe from my sharp eye’s perspective. I really as in the mood to play and I thought that if I rustled the grass a bit a grasshopper or something might jump and I could pounce on it.

So there I was, sun on my face. The joy of a warm spring day and glorious estuary views….and there it was. A wiggly tail. It moved slowly into the long grass. It was sort of black. It seemed to have feint yellow stripes on it. It was moving slowly out of sight…so I pounced. Got it!

And then it happened. The other end turned in the blink of an eye. Bam. Something hit my face. It happened so fast. And it hurt. Two sharp needles ha pierced my skin and there was a burning sensation…and the world started getting weird.

I was seeing double within minutes. There seemed to be two of everything but everything was blurry. I tried to mow for help but I only managed to pass a croaky whisper of a cat meow,

I started to walk. I was wobbly. My feet just didn’t seem to go where I wanted them to.

I staggered back to the hospital. I was really struggling now. Nurse Janet I squeaked. Janet ran to me and picked me up. She ran inside and shouted “something is wrong with Oliver”. Dr Rob took one look at me and said “snake bite”.

Oh dear I thought!

They put a catheter in me. I didn’t like it. I was getting fluids and then they started giving me something very slowly. They kept checking my gums and kept checking my eyes and my breathing.

I didn’t feel great.

I was put into critical care and nurse Janet sat with me. She never left my side. I knew they cared. I went to sleep but Janet kept poking me.

A few hours later I felt much better but I had to keep my IV on. I had to stay in the cage and I wasn’t very happy about that. Nurse Janet kept telling me I had to stay.

It sure was good not to have blurry vision anymore. My legs were working again.

Apparently I was a “very lucky cat”.

I had just used up one of my nine lives. It’s cool being a cat an having nine lives.

So I was the hospital “pet survivor of the week”.

I went on to become a rock star. I have made several rock videos and now I am in the running to be Australia’s number one cat in Dermcare’s clinic cat of the year. Here are my musical videos. I’m hoping you can also give me a vote below.

My first hit was Pretty Fly or a Red Guy

My second rock sensation was Uptown Funky Cat



Please give me a vote in Clinic cat of the year. I’d like to become Australia’s number one. Please help by clicking on the link and voting for Oliver from Australind Vet. You will get a return e-mail and you must click “confirm vote” to make your vote count.

Vote here http://dermcare.com.au/Dermcare-Clinic-Cat-of-the-Year/2016/Oliver-1




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