Leader of the Pack

Meet Sean, Our New Puppy Preschool Leader

We are excited to announce that our Puppy Classes will be starting again at Australind Veterinary Hospital.

The classes will be running on Saturdays. We think this will be a really convenient and enjoyable time for families.

Sean Scallan is the new leader of our Puppy pack.

Sean had 8 dogs growing up in South Africa as a child and he was involved with dog training in South Africa. Sean is passionate about dogs.

Sean has overcome great challenges in life. Sean has had to endure countless surgical operations throughout his life and has had to live with terrible pain. He has been subjected to the ignorance of many people and has endured decades of living below the poverty line on a pension barely capable of providing him with basic shelter and food.

Despite terrible hardships and what would seem insurmountable obstacles to most people, Sean always has a positive attitude and a broad smile. Sean has an indomitable spirit that inspires others and attracts animals like a magnet to him. Sean has a natural affinity with animals and they love him without bias.

Sean has an amazing resume of success. He was “Volunteer Of The Year” at the Dolphin Discovery Center! Sean is also a guide at the center and helps people to understand dolphins and their behaviour. Sean is also involved in wildlife research in the Bunbury area and devotes countless hours to observing and recording animal migrations and behaviour.

Sean is also community minded. He has been involved in setting up fishing platforms in the local area for wheelchair users. Sean understands the emotional highs and lows of people learning to cope with wheelchair confinement and has been coordinating sailing experiences for young wheelies at the Bunbury sailing club.

The dedication, commitment and passion that exudes from every pore of Sean made him an easy choice for our puppy pack leader. Sean understands more than anyone I’ve ever met the very powerful human-animal bond. Sean has always lived with dogs and he adores them and they adore him.

Sean will help you foster a close bond with your new puppy and help you understand dog behaviour. Sean will also help puppies with people problems.

We are delighted Sean has chosen to work with us at the Happiness Center. We will help develop Sean’s interest in dog training and plans are being made to help Sean with a professional qualification.

He is our Leader of the Pack.

For more information on our affordable and fun puppy classes, please call our friendly reception staff on 9797 1584, during business hours.

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