Maco Avoids Rodenticide Poisoning After Eating Talon

Maco was very lucky her mum realised she had eaten poison and cared enough to take her quickly to the vet. Here is Maco going home from Australind vet. How things could have been different.

All Smiles As Maco Goes Home

All Smiles As Maco Goes Home

Talon is a rodenticide which means it is a poison used to kill rats and mice. It is sold over the counter in many stores and is a very dangerous poison. If your pet eats it, there will be no symptoms for many days. It is a silent killer.

Talon affects the blood clotting system. Your pet will start to bleed approximately five days after ingestion. You may start to see mild symptoms as soon as three days which may be seen as bleeding from the gums. You may see blood in the stool or in the urine or nose bleeds. Your pet may cough up blood also. You should seek veterinary help immediately.

In acute cases, there may be severe internal bleeding that can be fatal. Commonly there is heavy bleeding into the chest. Your pet will be lethargic and have laboured breathing. This is a veterinary emergency. Seek help immediately.

If you notice your pet has eaten a rodenticide, take them to the vet immediately. The vet will induce vomiting to remove as much poison as possible from the stomach and it is likely they will start your pet on the antidote.

At Australind Veterinary Hospital, we will also check your pets clotting system three weeks later. We have attention to detail.

If using these little nasties, please put them where your pet can’t get access to them.

Care with rodenticides is advised

Care with rodenticides is advised

Talon is a common poison used in households and especially locally in the Bunbury region. Rodenticide poisoning is commonly seen by vets in Bunbury. Be careful if using them that your pet cannot get access to them. Dogs love eating them! They can be fatal.


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