Natural Balance Pet Food

Thank goodness someone has simplified pet food!

Thanks to a nutritionist from Murdoch University, Natural Balance pet food has arrived. It is MADE IN WA!

It is healthy and balanced.

Natural Balance comes in 4 kinds……

1) High Energy for puppies, working dogs and doggy mums
2) Regular – for all animals
3) Lite – for those suffering from excess weight and
4) Delicate for those with sensitive tummies or food allergy.

We have struggled for years to cope with the over marketed brands of food with their overcomplicated array of different types.

We like simplicity. We hope you do too.

The really good news is that because it is made in Fremantle, there isn’t ridiculous amounts of import duties, international government taxes and international freight attached to the price tag.

Natural Balance pet food is a healthy alternative of a high quality commercial dog food to assist with making your own life easier. Many people like the convenience of just pouring food into the dogs bowl after a long arduous day. I certainly do.

We are receiving great reports from those that have tried it.

Natural Balance Pet Food is available from Australind Vet.

Natural Balance Pet Food

Natural Balance Pet Food – MADE IN WA

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