Orthopaedics at Australind Vet – Fractured Tibia and Dislocated Hip Repaired With Hip Toggle In A Dog

Traumatic hip luxations in dogs can be difficult to repair. Cuz was run over by a bobcat and although lucky to be alive suffered some terrible orthopaedic injuries. His caring and dedicated owners decided to fix his problems.

Cuz had a fractured tibia and fibula, a luxated hip and multiple fractures to his pelvis. This was going to be a big job requiring multiple operations.

Cuz had his tibia plated. This went well

tibia plated operation one

tibia plated operation one

Dr Rob had stayed at the hospital until midnight to do the surgery after a long day doing routine surgeries and medical consultations. The tibia was repaired. We had to schedule another surgery for Cuz to repair his dislocated hip. We waited 48 hours to let him recover from his long anaesthetic.

Luxated hips can sometimes be reduced without surgery. When there is severe trauma, sometimes the joint capsule is obliterated and there is no capsule remaining to hold the hip in the socket. Hip luxation is sometimes complicated in dogs with hip dysplasia. The abnormal shape of the hip means it is designed to fail after surgery.

Cuz had very mild hip dysplasia so there was an increased risk of post op failure.

dislocated hip cropped

We used a recent technique for repairing dislocated hips in dogs. This is a hip toggle and we prefer the liga fiba prosthesis due to the increased strength.

After another 3 hour operation, Cuz has a hip joint again. We were able to repair the joint capsule as well so we are reasonably confident the surgery will be a success.

Toggle can be seen on inside of pelvis

Toggle can be seen on inside of pelvis

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