Otis Rewired After Mandibular Fracture

Poor Otis was hit in the face by a cricket bat and left in a world of discomfort. His distressed owners found him in their yard with blood pouring from his mouth. Poor otis was in terrible pain and unable to eat.

Otis was flown to Australind Vet from way out east of Kalgoorlie.

Otis was radiographed using our digital radiography equipment and we were able to diagnose that he had a fractured mandible (lower jaw). There was some debate amongst the veterinarians about how this should be repaired.

Dr Rob and Dr Elyece set about wiring his jaw together using orthopaedic wire. After a long and arduous surgery, the pieces of mandible were all aligned and stable….but how was Otis to eat? Chewing would probably cause the pieces of jaw to become unstable or even for the wires to break.

We decided to place an oesophageal feeding tube into Otis. The tube passes through a small incision in the side of Otis’ neck and bandaged on. The tube goes through the side of his neck and down his oesophagus.

The tube allows Otis to be fed without using his mouth. Dogs tolerate this really well.

Otis had special food called Hills AD. This is a convalescence diet which can be made into a liquid which contains a high energy concentrate. A little goes a long way. Otis was tube fed for a week. Over the week, as the pain subsided, he was able to start lapping a little bit of soupy slurry which his owners were blending up for him to eat.

Otis had his feeding tube removed after a week and he is flying home again. What an adventure for a brave little dog.

Australind vet provides all kinds of orthopaedic surgery. We can do just about anything you need done. Our hospital is well equipped with state of the art equipment which keeps us on the cutting edge of veterinary science. Our vets are very experienced and we take great pride in providing pet lovers with a high quality veterinary service with a smile.

Otis after successful surgery

Otis after successful surgery

Otis back at Australind Vet to have his feeding tube removed. All is well and what a happy family

Otis back at Australind Vet to have his feeding tube removed. All is well and what a happy family



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