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You’ll get the full service from our friendly team

When you come into the consultation room, feel free to make the most of your visit! Your vet’s goal is to ensure you leave our clinic feeling sure that every aspect of your pet’s wellbeing has been considered.

When you bring your pet to the vet, he may ask questions about your pet’s age, habits, vaccine history and appetite. These questions help the vet address your pet’s needs thoroughly. If you have a vaccination record, or other medical history, please feel free to bring it along!

Best industry practice now recommends your pet visits the vet
every six months.

In the ‘old days’ we generally saw an animal once a year. However, modern research confirms that because pets age much more quickly than we do, it is far better to see the vet twice annually.

A visit every six months helps your vet stop little problems before they turn into big problems! Regular blood tests, particularly for older pets, are a marvellous tool for the prevention or early management of serious conditions before they get too serious!