The 10 Services Your Veterinarian Must Recommend, Perform, and Believe In …
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7 Reasons To Choose Australind Vet (& Be Happy)!

1. Licenced veterinary hospital allowing overnight treatment of sick & traumatised animals (veterinary clinics cannot hospitalise ill animals!)

2. We invest in the high-tech equipment, knowledge & medicines vital for fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment. We rarely need to refer.

3. Ongoing professional development which means up to date best medical care for your pet.

4. 3 ultra-experienced & knowledgeable vets, for year-round service, convenience & peace of mind.

5. Free family-friendly activities for children such as pony rides, magic shows, holiday workshops & school tours.

6. Stem Cell Therapy, viable alternative to:
• Drugs for long term pain management for arthritis and some orthopaedic procedures
• Ligament and tendon damage in dogs and horses and can promote faster healing after orthopaedic surgery

7. Online shopping mean savings for YOU.