The 10 Services Your Veterinarian Must Recommend, Perform, and Believe In …

(…if not, you should consider a new vet)

1. Regularly Scheduled Examinations
The single most important service your Veterinarian can offer is his or her eyes, ears, hands, and mind. The chance to examine your pet, even when they appear to be doing well, is the chance to identify small problems before they become big ones.

Australind Vet recommends dogs less than 7 years and cats less than 9 years of age have a minimum of one exam per year. For our senior patients, twice yearly examinations are recommended.

As an age comparison, one calendar year to a human is the physiologic equivalent of five to seven years for your pet. Even when you are young and healthy, you should certainly see a doctor at least once every 5 to 7 years! In older patients, more frequent examinations can find the problems that naturally come with ageing and allow us to address them early and with greater success.

2. Spey / Neuter
Pet ownership means making the correct decisions for the health and wellbeing of the dogs and cats we love. At Australind Vet, we strongly support the choice to spey or neuter.

Surgically altered pets have fewer medical problems. For instance, did you know that female dogs and cats, spayed before their first heat cycle, almost never get breast cancer? In addition, behaviour is generally improved by spaying and neutering.

Spey/neuter also addresses the social responsibility of not contributing to the heartbreaking problem of pet overpopulation.

3. Parasite Control
Internal (heartworms, intestinal worms) and external (fleas and ticks) parasites are a constant threat to the health of our pets. In addition to causing problems in and of themselves, some parasites can transmit disease and can even be infectious to humans.

Australind Vet recommends comprehensive, year round parasite control and routine parasite screening for all of our patients. We will recommend the safest, most effective, and most economical approach to protect your pet and the humans he or she lives with.

4. Vaccinations
No other innovation, medical or otherwise, has saved more lives than vaccines. Vaccination of our dogs and cats is critical to protecting them from life threatening infectious diseases.

For all their benefits, however, vaccines are not always without side effects and therefore must be chosen carefully. For this reason, vaccine recommendations at Australind Vet are designed with the risk factors and life style of each individual pet in mind. While we strongly support vaccination, we encourage questions and discussions before making any medical plan for your pet.

5. Nutritional Counselling
The most significant environmental factor that will ever affect your pet is the food he or she eats. Feeding to the correct life stage, meeting the specific nutritional demands of certain medical conditions, and fighting diseases like obesity are just a few examples of how nutrition can affect your pet.

With the abundance of choices in the pet food market today, it is easy to get lost or fall prey to clever marketing. Your Veterinarian should be asking about, and making specific recommendations for, the way you feed your pet. The doctors at Australind Vet believe that nutrition is a critical aspect in the comprehensive care of your pet and will be happy to provide nutritional counselling.

6. Routine Blood Screening
Properly timed and carefully chosen laboratory testing can find hidden illnesses that may not be otherwise detectable. At Australind Vet, we perform pre surgical blood tests before any anaesthetic procedure and recommend screening tests at every wellness examination. The scope and depth of the testing should vary from patient to patient and with their age.

7. Behaviour / Socialisation
Did you know that more dogs and cats are given up to shelters and/or euthanised due to behavioural problems than due to illness?

If your cat is urinating outside her litter box or your dog has become aggressive, behavioural counselling could be the difference between keeping and losing your pet.

We not only provide such advice, but we also have options for medical therapy and networking with appropriate trainers and behavioural specialists.

8. Access to Veterinary care 24 hours a day
Emergencies always seem to happen in the middle of the night. Access to compassionate and competent Veterinary care during nights, weekends, and holidays is more than a convenience; it is a necessity.

As a patient of Australind Vet, your pet has access to Veterinary care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Trained emergency Veterinarians and nurses are available to care for your pet at Australind at any time outside of our normal office hours. Once treated and stabilised, your pet will be referred back to Australind Vet for continued care.

9. Communication / Education
Have you ever been to a professional, be it a doctor or a mechanic, who couldn’t or wouldn’t answer your questions? Have you ever felt rushed during an appointment or had your concerns dismissed?

When making decisions about the health of your pet, it is critical that you understand the information and have all your questions answered. The doctors at Australind Vet know it is vital to provide understandable information and to answer any questions you might have. Our job is to teach you how to care for your pet.

The minimum appointment time at Australind Vet is 15 minutes with longer times scheduled for new puppies and kittens, involved illnesses, and second opinions. We want you to know that caring for your pet is the most important job we will do all day.

10. Respect for your Time and Wallet
Life is busy and Veterinary care is not inexpensive. Because we value your time, we do our very best to remain on time for appointments and we will not only provide estimates for any care we provide, but will find a way to provide comfort and treatment for any pet within any budget. Together, we can always find a way to address the needs of your pet while maintaining a respect for your finances.


1. Free dental health checks
You can bring your pet into Australind Vet for a free dental health check.

2. Free puppy and kitten health checkups
If you have a new puppy or kitten, we will give you a complimentary health check free of charge and we will give you all the correct information you need for the life of your pet.

3. Free pre purchase examinations
If you are paying a lot of money for a purebred dog or cat, we will give the animal a free health check prior to you paying for it. Any reputable breeder shouldn’t have a problem with that!

What Your Vet Must Do, if you have any concerns or questions, ring the friendly staff at Australind Vet on 9797 1584.