Hospital Care

Don't Be Sad Dog and Cat Austrlind Vet will look after you

Don’t be upset if your loved one needs hospital care.

While it can be difficult to leave a pet in a strange environment, it helps to know that Australind Vet takes its hospital responsibilities very seriously.

Most pets end up in hospital at some stage. When pets are in hospital, pet owners need to know that the highest levels of cleanliness and safety are in place.

Our nurses constantly supervise their individual patients right through their stay, to ensure that pain relief and comfort are at the maximum possible. Some patients appreciate the use of a heating pad during their time in hospital.

Recovering patients often like their favourite food, bed and toys from home may also be provided for your pet, depending on their condition.

Hospital Care at Australind Vet is of the best quality, we have a team of experienced veterinarians and nurses.