Stem Cell Therapy at Australind Vet

Does your pet suffer from?Big dog will be happy after stem cell therapy now available at Australind Vet Clinic Animal Hospital
• Arthritis
• Hip Dysplasia
• Joint Pain
• Cartilage Damage
• Ligament Damage
• Damaged Tendons
• Chronic renal failure in cats
Yes, then Stem Cell Therapy may help.

FAQ about Stem Cell Therapy

The Benefits of MediVet’s Stem Cell Therapy?
Why use Stem Cell Therapy?
What is a Stem Cell?
What are Adipose Stem Cells?
Do you use Embryonic Stem Cells?
Why do we use Adipose Tissue?
What happens to the Stem Cells after processing?
What results can you get from Stem Cell Therapy?
Where can I get Stem Cell Therapy?
How long does Stem Cell Therapy take?
How effective is the Adipose Stem Cell Procedure?

The Benefits of MediVet’s Stem Cell Therapy

• Affordable
• Same Day Procedure
• Extremely High Stem Cell Count
• Benefits Old / New Injuries
• Improved Quality of Life
• Very Safe and Drug Free
• Patented L.E.D. Cell Activation
• Quicker Recovery Time
• Suitable for Dogs and Cats

Why use Stem Cell Therapy?

The Adipose Stem Cell Procedure can be a very viable alternative to:
• Drugs for long term pain management for arthritis
• Some orthopaedic procedures
• Ligament and tendon damage in dogs and horses
• Post orthopaedic surgery to promote faster healing and tissue regeneration

This procedure is non controversial as no embryonic cells are used, only cells obtained from your animal’s own fat tissue

What is a Stem Cell?

Stem cells are the body’s repair cells. They have the potential to divide and differentiate into many different types of cells. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into tissues such as skin, fat, muscle, bone, cartilage, and nerve to name a few.

What are Adipose Stem Cells?

Adipose Stem Cells are adult stem cell which are fat tissue also called adipose tissue.

Do you use Embryonic Stem Cells?

There are no moral or ethical concerns with harvesting adult stem cells from a patient, activating them, and reintroducing them back into the same patient.

Why do we use Adipose Tissue?

Adult stem cells are highly concentrated in adipose tissue (fat). There are up to 1,000 times more stem cells in a gram of fat than in a gram of bone marrow. At this concentration and with MediVet’s patented technology, it is no longer necessary to culture the stem cells to acquire the necessary cell numbers to be effective.

What happens to the Stem Cells after processing?

We inject some of the stem cells back into the affected area such as in a joint, to concentrate them at the site of injury.

What results can you get from Stem Cell Therapy?

While every animal is different and there are no guarantees, we have seen positive clinical improvement in 95% of the arthritic cases treated nationwide. Some owners have even reported seeing a difference in as little as a week! While quick results are possible, we expect you to begin seeing improvement within the first 90 days following treatment. Chronic osteoarthritis may require multiple injections, so banking your extra cells is always a good idea!

Where can I get Stem Cell Therapy?

Australind Veterinary Hospital is one of only two Stem Cell Referral Clinic in Western Australia.

How long does Stem Cell Therapy take?

At Australind Veterinary Hospital we do it in-house so the whole treatment can be done in a single day.

How effective is the Adipose Stem Cell Procedure?

The successful use of fat-derived stem cells as a natural therapy to promote regeneration of problem areas has been recorded in well over 6,000 procedures. This Australian Breakthrough Technology is now being used in over 16 countries globally and results have shown that over 95% of dogs undergoing the procedure show a vast improvement in their quality of life and a reduction in any pain levels present.

Owners have reported:
• Greater range of motion of affected joints
• Less obvious signs of pain
• Less difficulty rising and walking
• Reduced need for ongoing anti – inflammatory medications
• Happier, healthier and more energetic pets loving life

Stem Cell therapy is NOT recommended for:
• Cancer
• Active infections
• Neurological diseases

Contact Australind Veterinary Hospital for more information and discuss your pet’s needs.