Our surgical room – where clients rarely tread –
is probably the true heart of our hospital.

Here, lives are saved and bodies are repaired to live for fun another day. Cats really can have nine lives, if they are saved by a surgical operation. Surgery, while serious for pets and owners alike, is a genuine life-saver. This is our ‘miracle room’.

We take our surgical responsibilities very seriously, and adhere to the highest possible levels of surgical practice. High standards of cleanliness, sterility, order, and preparation are expected, and our nurses deliver. Our nurses take clinical nursing extremely seriously! It is a most important aspect of their professional skills.

Our Stinger anaesthetic machine is among the most reliable and important pieces of equipment in our clinic. It provides modern, reliable and safe anaesthetics to all our patients.

Our ECG machine and pulse oximeter provide extra safety monitoring for our surgical patients, in addition, of course, to the ever-watchful human eye of our surgical nurse. She is constantly observing your patient’s vital signs, and relaying information and materials to the operating veterinarian.

Many operations are intense experiences, for all concerned. The vet and surgical nurse can spend many hours over the table with your pet, depending on the degree of complexity of the case. The veterinarian, clinical nursing staff and reception staff are geared towards making your pet’s operation a success.

Whether your pet is ‘in house’ for dental care, or broken bones, you will find the same attention to safety and comfort.

A successful operation is a gift, sure to become part of your treasured memories of your pet.