Pet Dental Program At Australind Veterinary Hospital

Dental health is crucial to a healthy and happy life.

Fresh breath is also vital for you to enjoy your pet. Fresh smelling breath is much nicer.

At Australind veterinary Hospital, we will check every aspect of your pet’s health and that includes their teeth. We will help your pet maintain healthy gums and enamel. We love award winning smiles and fresh breath!

We will check your animal’s teeth with every consultation in our hospital.

You can also have a FREE pet dental check with one of our friendly nurses if you don’t want to see a veterinarian.

To maintain healthy teeth in your pet we have some suggestions:

i) Feed them Hills TD (teeth diet). This will remove plaque from the teeth and maintain healthy gums and hard enamel. Bones have too many complications and we don’t recommend them.

ii) Greenies are yummy treats your pet can eat that helps clean the teeth.

iii) Aquadent is a great product that you put in your pet’s drinking water. Aquadent contains xylitol which is found in human dental gum. This kills plaque and freshens your pet’s breath whilst they drink water. It’s easy!

iv) Of course, you can brush your pet’s teeth if you have the patience and they will let you. Good luck!

v) We can give your pet’s teeth a scale and polish like you have for yourself at a human dentist. This is very popular with our clients as you can maintain healthy teeth and gums for your pet. See the results:





If you are looking for a Bunbury vet that cares about your pet’s teeth, wellness and dental hygiene, talk to Australind Vet.

Your pet can have great teeth. Ask us how. Call us on 9797 1584.

Award winning smiles

Award winning smiles



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