Pet Insurance Tips for Your Pets at Australind Veterinary Hospital

The twenty first century is a great time for people to be alive because of the high standards of living and the high standards of medical practice for people. Advances in medicine have allowed people to enjoy a higher standard of living and health as well as longer lives. This exciting opportunity now exists for animals.

Advances in veterinary medicine, surgery and diagnostic capability has gone through the stratosphere in the last decade. Animals now have access to every medical advance that their human counterpart takes for granted. The family pet can now enjoy the same medical expectations as the children in the family. The costs of medical health for your pet are not covered by Medicare and this is the great tragedy for animals. The opportunity exists for a great life protected by high level veterinary services but affordability remains the great challenge for veterinarians, animals and pet owners alike.

Pet Insurance is a sensible way of making the costs of veterinary care for your pet more affordable. The world of animals is full of joy but can sometimes present unexpected emergencies that were not in the family budget. Too many animals are euthanised because the costs of treating their illness or trauma are too expensive. This is distressing for everybody concerned. Pet owners are obviously upset at making terminal decisions over treatment options. It is even more distressing when the owner and vet know the condition was treatable but unfortunately, the costs of therapy were the decisive factor. Children are often distraught and veterinarians didn’t become vets to put every patient to sleep.

This terrible sadness can be avoided for just a few dollars a week.

Pet insurance is a safety net to help people afford treatment for their favourite animals. It is a really sensible and affordable option. Your beloved pet can have access to the very best of care.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee every day, you can have your fur child insured with Australia’s leading animal insurance company.

At Australind Veterinary Hospital, we use a company called Petplan. Click here for information about Petplan pet insurance.

Why do we use Petplan insurance at Australind Veterinary Hospital? Petplan is a company with a good reputation. We find them very reliable when it comes to paying out on claims. We trust them to do the right thing by their customers (who are our customers too). Petplan pays up. It’s that simple.

As veterinarians are trying to promote the benefits of having your loved one insured, we are continually frustrated by low end providers who stop at nothing to find a small print clause to weasel out of paying out on a claim. Super market insurance and household insurance providers have entered the market providing low cost alternatives but these policies are fraught with hidden exemptions. Our clients believe they have cover but when a claim is made, they were unaware that their policy did not cover the event they are claiming.

Low end animal insurance providers can leave dog and cat owners disillusioned with the process of pet insurance. Petplan comes into their own for trust and dependability when it comes to paying out on claims. Of course they have rules to follow, but if you are paying for the top level of cover, your pet is well insured. We feel confident recommending Petplan as the best pet insurance company in Australia. They are the biggest pet insurance company in the world because they are very good at what they do!

Insuring your pet is not as expensive as you might think. It is only a few dollars a day. This can provide peace of mind and great financial protection for your family and at the same time, great health outcomes for your pet. It really makes sense for only a few cents.

For a lighter look at the need for pet insurance, check out this funny video.


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