Do you like happy stories? Read on!

The Happiness Center is about happy families and happy pets. We help the community stay happy by building the human animal bond.

We understand the grind of family life however. There never seems to be enough time with kids, school, meals to prepare, laundry, ironing, kids sport……… just goes on and on. You feel exhausted most of the time.

The family pet, whilst well loved, does slip down the scale of priorities because there is only so much time, energy and money.

As the hectic summer is over, the festive season is behind us and the kids are back at school, we’d like to offer you some amazing value.

If your pet is 8 years of age or older, they are now a “senior citizen”. Early diagnosis can lead to successful treatment and happy outcomes……….and happy families.

If you really love your pet but just haven’t had the time to attend to their needs, this is the perfect opportunity.

The following cases were pets that “were fine” in the eyes of their owners but early screening saved them from serious disease.

This dog came in for a vaccination. The owners said the dog was drinking a bit more than normal because the weather was hot. A urine test showed sugar in the urine. The blood test confirmed sugar diabetes. The dog was showing signs of early kidney disease. The early diagnosis allowed a simple stabilisation with insulin and the dog never developed the catastrophic and often fatal complications of diabetes. The dog is doing well and the family is very happy.


This blood test is from a cat that “seemed fine”. The cat came in to have the teeth cleaned. The blood test above raised our suspicion for hyperthyroidism. A simple thyroid test confirmed that the cat had thyroid disease. Hyperthyroidism in cats causes elevated blood pressure that causes kidney damage. High blood pressure also causes retinal detachment and blindness. This well loved pet was saved from these terrible complications from early diagnosis. The cat has a cream applied to the ear every day and is doing well. The owners are delighted because their cat is like a child to them. The cat is happy because it is now well again.

Your pets’ happiness is so important to us that we are going to waive a consultation fee if you would like to have your pet examined……..yes a FREE health check.

We will give your pet a FREE health check, a FREE dental check, a blood test and a urine test for

ONLY $99.

*free health check

*free dental check

*blood test

*urine test

JUST $99

This offer is only available until the 30th April

That’s a saving of $134.00

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