Shae Volunteers for Great Orangutan Project in Borneo

On the 4th of June our receptionist Shae Mepham is off to the Matang Wildlife Centre in Kuching, Sarawak Malaysian Borneo to volunteer with The Great Orangutan Projects. Shae will be taking apart in a small group of 10 for 14 days with tasks that range from enrichment, husbandry and construction work around orangutans, sunbears and other animals at the Wildlife Centre.


Shae’s interest for animals came from growing up on her family farm. Since being a child Shae has loved and adored all animals and now she is pursuing her dream to help out a genuine non for profit organisation that protects, cares for and rehabilitates wild animals. Shae has always had a desire to work and be partners with the orangutans whether it is here in Australia or overseas. ‘It is interesting to know how close we can be to the orangutans and how much alike they are to the human race’ Shae states.


The volunteer work at the Matang Wildlife Centre is based around the conservation, enrichment and rehabilitation of orangutans, sunbears, sambar deer, bearcats, civets, gibbons and monkeys. The daily duties vary from cleaning cages, feeding the animals, painting, building and fixing platforms and play structures, wood and metal work, enrichment exercises with orangutans which takes a variety of forms from simple puzzle feeds, ice blocks, scatter feeds, leaf parcels, boomer balls, shaker bottles and boxes to more complex ‘happy sacks’, rehabilitations exercises and any more.


With only a few weeks to go Shae is preparing to head off to the hot climate of the Kuching jungle. The accommodation is an idyllic setting in a remote rainforest area, inside the Kubah National park, with small jungle chalets and a beautiful river running through it. Shae has received all needed immunisations as directed by her doctor and is in the process of packing for her trip. Shae’s excitement is flying high as she is on the countdown until her trip of a lifetime.



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