Taffy straightens out

Taffy is all set for great quality of life!

Taffy is all set for great quality of life!

Taffy is a gorgeous dog, and he had a big problem.
His front leg was bowed so badly his foot was pointing backwards as he walked.
Taffy had a developmental defect which is common in breeds such as the shih tzu.
The ulna stops growing in the foreleg but the radius continues to grow.
In many cases the problem doesn’t require corrective treatment.

But poor Taffy was very lame and faced a life-time of chronic pain.
Dr Rob performed a corrective surgery where the bones were cut and Taffy’s leg was straightened using an external fixation device.
An external fixation is a special metal brace which holds broken bones in place from the outside.
Taffy was determined to do himself an injury and proved to be a challenging patient but everything went very well.

Taffy now has a straight leg and a bright future!
It was a delight for us to be able to help Taffy and his very caring owners, at our Happiness Center.

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