The Power Of Meow – cat links for catlebrity

Cats are king on the internet. The social media revolution has seen cats overtake dogs. cats see themselves as rulers and the internet seems to be the perfect medium for this feline revolution.

It’s known as catlebrity. Just check out these feline capers

The Stephen Hawking of cats “Lil Bub” who has dwarfism and a rare bone disease called osteopetrosis. Lil Bub has 125000 followers on Instagram. Check out Lil Bub on You tube.

Grumpy Cat has 1 million followers on faecbook. Grumpy cat had fun once but it was awful

Grumpy cat on You Tube

Maru has received 200 million views on You Tube. Maru is a Scottish Fold cat living in Japan

The winner of the internet cat video

Amazing!  And how about this cat that was a stray in New York? Sam Has Eyebrows turned up as a stray on his new owners porch in New York. Check him out on Instagram.

You can follow the cat tales of our own Oliver Twist from Australind Veterinary Hospital on Instagram.


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