The Power Of One – Our Life Force Connects Us With Animals

The Power Of One

Humans are hard wired to feel what other animals feel. Charles Darwin wrote that “sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature”. Darwin is remembered for “survival of the fittest” but what was largely ignored in his work was that humans have a highly evolved ability to cooperate and care for others. Without a sense of community, the human race would not exist.

We have “mirror neurons” that activate in response to what we see in others. We are geared to feel what others feel. This gives us a heightened sense of empathy and compassion which has made our species highly successful because of cooperation and an ability to connect.

Our Vagus Nerve creates emotional responses that elevate us to feel compassion in response to the suffering of other animals. Endorphins elevate us to feel the need to care for others.

Heartmath in the USA is a group doing ground breaking research on the human heart and the relationship the heart has with our brain. The heart contains an intelligence because it has its own brain, the “heart brain”. The heart sends more information to the brain than it receives. The heart influences perception, emotional intelligence and higher sensory processes. When we have positive emotions, we are happier, smarter, more creative and more productive. When we are angry, our brain is inhibited and we do stupid things. This is the power of the heart brain.

Our emotional state impacts other life forms. They have done experiments where our emotions can have an effect on organisms as primitive as bacteria. Human emotionality does create a very real energetic field that radiates out. Other living systems are attuned to these energetic fields.

This can be seen in animals and their individual responses to different people!

What we feel at an individual level affects the global environment. Science has proven we have a “life force” which eastern religions have been attuned to for centuries. Our consciousness controls our environment and is linked to the behaviour of the world.

Lynne McTaggart explores this in her book “The Field”. We are all part of a universal energy field. We are not separate. We are all connected. This is called quantum entanglement. We share thousands of genes with our pets for example. All of nature is family.

Our consciousness is linked to the behaviour of the world. We therefore can create our own reality. Change starts with consciousness and if we change our perceptions, we can change the world. This is called the power of one.

Australind Vet has chosen to be a beacon of positivity in our community. We create unique value for our clients by using our heart brains and connecting with our patients and our community.

A caring bond

A caring bond

Animals and people connected as community

Animals and people connected as community

The power of one

The power of one



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