Vet School

Vet School is a new television series on ABC 1 that follows 8 students through the veterinary school at Murdoch University in Perth. Our very own Dr Elyece Arthur was a part of the class that was filmed although Dr Elyece is not one of the students being filmed. We are watching with baited breath hoping to catch a glimpse of her cameo roles. How many vets in Bunbury have you seen on television? We are very excited.

This show demonstrates the rigorous and demanding nature of qualifying for a veterinary degree. It is a very demanding degree. It is also a credit to the Murdoch Veterinary School that they produce such fine graduates. Dr Elyece Arthur has been an exceptional first year veterinarian. Dr Elyece has the emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy to go with the high intellect required to be a successful veterinarian. Australind Veterinary Hospital hired a winner!

Vet School is a very interesting show but we wouldn’t swap our Dr Elyece for any of the TV stars.


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