Dental Pet Health

Hills TD food Hills TD prescription diet is a specially formulated diet to clean you dogs teeth. (TD stands for ‘tooth diet’). TD looks after your pet’s dental health.

Saves on brushing, which most pets, as you can imagine, really dislike!

This diet replaces bones which can chip and damage the teeth. Bones can also cause severe constipation or bowel obstructions, and, for these reasons, are not recommended by vets for pets to chew these days. We are happier to recommend the chewing of a rubbery offal meat product, like ox heart – or perhaps some Hills TD!

breathalyserBreathalyser – This is a new product that you add to the water.
It contains xylitol which dissolves plaque on your pet’s teeth whilst he or she is drinking her water.

This product was invented by a Veterinary Dentist to help the gorillas at Melbourne zoo.
It was impossible to clean the gorilla’s teeth, so an additive to the water was found and since its inception dental problems for the gorillas have been reduced drastically.

This product is now commercially available for your pet.

As you can imagine, Breathalyser really makes a difference, and for cost/benefit, this is a dental product we would recommend you consider.