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Dermcare Shampoos

We offer the Dermcare range of shampoos.
Their ‘Natural Shampoo’ is a low irritant sweet smelling shampoo made from natural products for cleaning your dog or cat. It is kind to skin, and is a good way to keep the skin and coat healthy and itch free (assuming no fleas).

Shampoo Malaseb is a shampoo for animals with dermatitis. It is an antibacterial and antifungal shampoo. The vet may recommend this for certain types of dermatitis and for fungal infections. It can be used as a partial treatment for ringworm in conjunction with antifungal drugs.malaseb shampoo

Some shampoos have to be used in a certain way, perhaps washing nearly every day, to get results for particular conditions. The vet will advise you how best to use your shampoo, and possibly conditioner, to suit your pet’s skin condition.

pyohex shampooPyohex Pyohex is an antibacterial shampoo for animals with dermatitis. It is also useful in animals that get “hot spots”. Regular use of the shampoo reduces bacterial numbers on the skin and can help prevent flare ups. It also now comes with a leave on conditioner.

sebolyse shampooSebolyse. Sebolyse is an antibacterial shampoo for dogs with
seborrhoea which is a chronic dermatitis with severe thickening
and scaling of the skin. Animals are often greasy and smelly.

Pet Cologne and finally, who could forget the deodorant?
Our ‘Pet Cologne’ will have even the odoriferous companion smelling fresh and cuddly.

One sniff and you can’t resist!