Winter Petcare

Caring for your Furry and Feathered Friends
The cooler weather is now here and we spent more time indoors with the heating turned on don’t forget  the needs of your pets during winter.

Cats are masters at seeking warmth and will also like cosy box or basket with warm bedding in the  shed or garage. Indoor cats like a window-ledge or a chair where they can catch  the warmth of the winter sun through the window, while outdoor cats will seek out the sunshine on top of a fence or roof during the day.

Scottie Dog Coat

Dogs it depends on the type of coat to how much warmth that needs to be provided.  Whippets and Greyhounds feel the cold, these breeds will appreciate a dog coat to keep them snug. Thick coated breeds such as huskies are not as likely to need additional weather protection.

A coat will keep some breeds drier if they are taken for a walk in the rain, but dogs must never be left to wear a wet coat.

Many dogs become uncomfortable in a heated house and will seek out the cooler tiled areas. If the house is heated make sure that the dog is comfortable with the temperature or can go to a cooler part of the house if it desires.

Cage birds are totally dependent on owners to provide a comfortable environment. If the bird and cage are put outside to get some winter sun care must be taken to see that the area is protected from chill winds and that the bird is brought back into shelter before the sun goes in and the temperature drops. In the house the bird should not be placed near heaters.

Birds kept in aviaries outside must have protection from the rain, wind and frost. Although the more northern areas of Australia may not have as definite change in the seasons as the southern states, animals are very sensitive to temperature change and may still need some extra consideration during the cooler or wetter months.

Ask our friendly staff if you need any advice.

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